EPSON LX-800 Driver Download Windows OS ~ Driver Printer

EPSON LX-800 Driver Download Windows OS

Printer EPSON LX-800  

EPSON LX-800  Driver Download Windows OS- Is a dot matrix 9 pin printer that has the ability to print up to 3 copies of A4 size paper continuous form. This printer is not capable of printing with fast (printing is still slow). This printer is still not able to pull the paper automatically, nevertheless remains an idol for dot matrix printing capabilities that stubborn, arguably durable. This printer still uses Parallel Port LPT, USB can not. If you want to wear in LAPTOP / COMPUTER USB, Cable Converter need. 
EPSON LX-800  Driver Download Windows OS
Epson LX-800


How to install printer lx 800 Make sure the printer cartridge is installed correctly.
- Connect the printer to the mesh-electric jalla
- Make sure there ativitas in the printer (catrigde move).
- And  until this step the installation is complete physical peripherals
- Next live installation of software, namely, installation of drivers.

There are several ways to install the printer driver either using the default Printer Driver CD itself or the default driver of the operating system being used like this windows.Berikut we try to install the printer driver with the driver is already available on Windows (instead of cd printer driver) ie printer drivers for Epson LX-800.
First click on Start-Printers and faxs
then click Add Printer
After that note tick or a tick on a Local printer attached to this Computer, have been when we install the drivers for the printer attached to direct (local) on our computer and when installing the printer driver that is on another computer in the network provide a check on A network printer, or a printer attached to another computer.
At this time we practice because local drivers installation then do not have to be changed or fixed on the choice of the Local printer attached to this Computer and then click Next
After click Next then we are faced with the selection of ports used for the local printer is LPT1 then click Next.

On the Install Printer Software window, select the option The printer type is "EPSON" located on the left window and Name It comes in is "Epson LX-800" which is on the right pane and then click Next.Kemudian the Name Your Printer window type the name of the printer desired eg "Epson LX-800" then press next.

The next step determines whether the printer is installed it will be used alone or used together in a network. When used alone then select Do not share this printer and if the printer will also be used by other computers in the network must select Share Name and type the name of the printer that will serve for the printer name that can be seen and installed on another computer in the network.
Because in practice this time is not for a network printer then select do not share this printer and click next to get in on the Test Print window Page.Jika want to print a test page (printer will automatically print the first time) kaka select Yes and if not then select No, then click Next and Finish.
So, the installation of the printer driver is completed safely use the printer to print your document.
You can download driver Epson LX-800 here:

Jenis OS
Windows  XP
Windows Vista 32 bit
Windows Vista 64 bit
Windows 7 32 bit
Windows 7 64 bit
Windows 8

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